Jan 23 2014

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Quick Planning

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Quick Planning is a powerful Itinerary-Trip Planner written for Corporate Jets to allow the user to determine Flight Time, Fuel Burn and (local) Take Off or Landing times for various aircraft. 85% probability winds are stored but can be modified during planning.
It has the unique advantage of allowing an individual to "talk" completely in local times. All corporate jet aircraft are stored in the database base.
Based on a minimum of input (select an aircraft, date of travel, departure point, destination and desired take off or landing time) the respective local departure time or local landing time is then computed. These times account for Standard or Daylight savings time as well as Taxi and ATC delays. GMT times and Fuel Burns are displayed. FBO's, Hotels and Limos can be stored for any of the over 6600 airports in the worldwide database.
This itinerary can be emailed to anyone from within the program. The great circle route is displayed for ease of planning your route and fuel stops.

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Release Notes:

Version 1.17.4
The Falcon 8X (DA-8X) has been added to the list of Aircraft. Let me
know how the times and fuel burns match up.
Also a new feature is that the max range(a "dot" on the course line),
for the selected aircraft, is now displayed on the map. This range
is based on normal cruise with the reserves you entered on the
planning page.
On the "Closest Airports" page, your GPS location is no longer
displayed as we were having problems with the accuracy. As soon
as we can work it out, this feature will be back.
Still in the works is the ability to "store and retrieve" itineraries
and user added airports.
As always, keep those suggestions coming in to:
www.quickplanning.com Hit the "Contact" button.

App Details:

  • Version 1.17.4
  • Released on January 23, 2014
  • File Size: 5 MB
  • Age Rating: 4+
Too few ratings for this version.
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