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How do totalwebsystems do it?

By understanding how Search Engines rank the millions of Web Sites by Key Phrases and ensuring that our Client’s Web Site adhere as closely as possible to those Criteria – in excess of an unbelievable 130!

To do this we implement the following 2 professional procedures:

Initial Optimisation Procedure

Optimising a website allows search engines to better understand the contents of the website and therefore rank it higher in their natural listings.

totalwebsystems offers the full range of Optimisation Services to ensure that ALL Search Engines rate our Clients’ Web Sites at their highest possible level.

Initial SEO Optimisation Actions

  • Evaluation of website
  • Evaluate markets that correspond to client’s website
  • Evaluates client’s competitors
  • Corrects any problems within a website
  • Implements the changes that are required
  • This all sets a starting point for regular review and amendments
Ongoing Optimisation Procedure

totalwebsystems allocates time every month to allow us to analyse the results from Website rankings and Web Site Statistics in order to establish what needs to be done or tweaked to further increase your website’s ranking.

Clients are encouraged to continue their own regular SEO reviews to get the most from their search engine optimisation.

Reasons for Ongoing SEO review

If a website is not regularly kept up to date with the search engines requirements. The reasons for this is the following:

  • Internet changes extremely quickly – Websites need to be kept updated to remain attractive to search engines
  • ‘Leap frogging’ issues (e.g. competition – changing their strategy and potentially gaining positions)
  • Constant competition pushes websites off the top of search engine lists.
  • Search engines always change the priority of their Criteria – regularly and often without notice
  • Continuous promotion is required in order to be displayed by search engines
  • Updates pages to increase visibility to search engines

The totalwebsystems SEO package allows us to support our clients in developing further contact with their key audiences by analysing what they search for and how these trends may change over time.

Various packages are depending on the Client’s requirements, please contact totalwebsystems to discuss the various options.

The sum of the above Procedures mean that the Web Site will reach the highest possible level for each Search Engines Ranking List for each Key Phrase sought.

Although no ultimate guarantees can be made our target is Number One on the first page:

Client: Bughaus Volkswagen Restoration, Nottingham
Keyword Search: Volkswagen Restoration

Client: Personal Training Qualifications, Hall Green
Keyword Search: Personal Training Qualifications

Client: Rally Design, Kent
Keyword Search: Oval Racing Parts

Client: Rally Design, Kent
Keyword Search: Kit Car Marketplace

Client: Rally Design, Kent
Keyword Search: Escort Rally Parts

Client: Corris Railway, Snowdonia
Keyword Search: Corris

Client: Kudos Cycles, Whitstable
Keyword Search: Kudos eBike

Client: Rapid Ford, Dunstable
Keyword Search: Carbon Fibre Wolf Spoiler

Client: You Play We Play, Birmingham
Keyword Search: Thunderball Syndicate

Client: You Play We Play, Birmingham
Keyword Search: Lottery Syndicate

Client: You Play We Play, Birmingham
Keyword Search: EuroMillions Syndicate

Client: You Play We Play, Birmingham
Keyword Search: Lotto Syndicate

Client: You Play We Play, Birmingham
Keyword Search: Syndicates Are Luckier

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