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Appointy – Booking Calendar & Scheduler

Accept appointments from your clients 24x7x365 on your website or blog. Unlike other calendar tools, this plugin allows your customers to book appointments with you directly from your website. It has a very powerful and simple Ajax interface which allows one click booking. With just one click your clients can see your availability in the entire month.

Appointy is the most powerful scheduling software that has most features required by over 40+ verticals. It is currently used by 23000+ businesses in 78+ countries. No other wordpress scheduling plugin or scheduling software in the market compares.

You can use Appointy to:

  • Schedule services or staff (Salons, Spa, Acupuncture, Dog Groomers, Massage Therapists, One-to-One coaching, Gym, Dentists, Doctors etc)
  • Schedule Classes (Yoga Classes, Dance Classes, Fitness Classes etc)
  • Schedule Resources (Balloon Rides, Real Estates or Agents, Hotel Rooms, Machines, Pools, Courts, Rentals etc)
  • Schedule Events (Single or Multiple occuring events)
  • Almost anything that accepts appointments over the telephone can be scheduled automatically.


  1. Services, Staff, Event, Classes or Workshops – anything can be scheduled.
  2. PC, Tablet or Mobile for Admin, Staff, Manager or Client.
  3. OpenID login – Your clients can use your website login credentials to schedule.
  4. Back-to-back booking feature which allows your clients to select 2 or multiple services and book them in a row.
  5. Recurring Booking and Group bookings available.
  6. Intelligent staff scheduling feature which allows you to either keep all staff busy equally or allocate secondary staff when the first is completely full.
  7. Email and Text alerts to reduce No-Show.
  8. 2 way Google calendar synchronization and iCal subscription feed available.
  9. Accept partial or full pre-payments from your clients at the time of booking.
  10. Fill your appointment book by creating discounts, deals or offers with a few clicks and promote them on social networking channels.
  11. Flexible Business Hours to support almost any type of Business.
  12. Customize emails that are sent to your customers.
  13. Highly inituitive user interface.
    • With a single click your customers can see your availability in the entire month.
    • Drag & Drop appointments from one day or staff to another to reschedule.
  14. Powerful reports to analyze your Business.
  15. Strike Out booked times, precision scheduling, force scheduling a time before opening other free times, set appointment lead and cancellation times and much more that will not only fulfill your business needs but also help you in growing your business exponentially.

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