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  1. How long does the upload process take?

    Please allow between 12-24 hours for your application upload to take place and receive confirmation from our team.

    Average iTunes App Store Review Times.

    Note: Your App will not be uploaded until your payment has been received.

  2. Do you guarantee that my application be accepted by the App Store?

    We only provide data transfer service of your application to the App Store. We DO NOT guarantee that your app will be accepted by the App Store. You are responsible for ensuring that your application satisfies the iTunes App Store technical, style and content requirements for application acceptance. No refunds will be provided for rejected application uploads.

  3. What if my application upload fails with an error or is rejected by the App Store?

    Please see FAQ #2. If your app is rejected you will need to resolve the error and then restart the process by submitting the updated application and a new payment. We do not offer refunds for uploads rejected by the App Store server.

    Need some help with your app? With years of experience we can assist, we do more than uploads! We offer expanded technical support services if you need additional help resolving technical errors.

    Contact Us to learn more.

  4. What is Version Mismatch?

    Version Mismatch: Neither CFBundleVersion [‘116’] nor CFBundleShortVersionString [‘2.0.16’] in the Info.plist match the version of the app set in iTunes Connect [‘1.23.14’].

    The version number you enter in iTunes Connect must match exactly as you received it upon your build completion from your Build Your Own rapid app developer.

  5. Is my data safe?

    All data is transferred using secure SSL Encrypted mechanisms.

    We permanently delete all iTunes account access information immediately after completing the upload process. We recommend that you change your iTunes account password to a temporary password that you share with us. Upon completion of the upload process change the password back to your permanent password.

    Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act (1998), AppStoreUpload does not collect information.

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