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Offsite Data Backup

Utilising the latest Continuous Data Protection software and hardware, we backup all your data four times per day to a secure offsite location via high speed network.

Continuous Data Protection - Four Times Daily Hosting BackupsContinuous Data Protection (CDP) – Hosting Backups

Continuous Data Protection allows us to backup all your data to a secure off-site location FOUR times per day. This means we will always have an extremely recent copy of your data in the event of a users accidental delete, or total server failure.

Overview of CDP Backups

CDP backup technology allows for ultra reliable data backups to be taken extremely quickly, efficiently, and with more frequency when compared to traditional hosting backup systems.

Not only is your data backed up more frequently, it is also stored in a secure off-site location. Our private network transports our backups to a separate location, providing ultimate peace of mind even during “worst case” scenario situations where data recovery is required. An entire server can be reliably recovered from an extremely recent backup in just a couple of hours!

Key Benefits of CDP Backups
  • CDP is included with all our hosting packages as standard, and at no extra cost.
  • Backups are taken four times per day, meaning we always maintain a “fresh” backup.
  • Four times daily backups are kept for 2 weeks, providing 56 backup archives of your data.
  • CDP backs up at disk sector level, rather than traditional file level, for ultimate reliability.
  • Individual files, entire websites, or entire servers can be reliably restored in record time.
  • Access your data backups, browse and restore files at anytime via your control panel.
  • Bare-metal disaster recovery – complete server restores, reliably, in just a couple of hours.
  • Data is continuously encrypted while in storage and during network transmission.
  • Cloud servers do not include r1soft as standard as they use a different snapshot system.

totalwebsystems has invested heavily to add Continuous Data Protection for our clients proving our commitment to enterprise level architecture at all hosting levels.

Does your host provide r1soft CDP backups?

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