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Media Replication & Duplication

Which one do I need?

There are two main industry processes that are commonly used; we’ll talk through your job specification with you and go for the service that makes the most sense in terms of finish, price and any turnaround targets that you are working towards. We’re here to get you the best price for your product.

There are two services, replication and duplication:

Replication: this is the standard process for retail and corporate products and is more cost effective for larger volumes of 1,000 or more units. The finish is always superb but the turnaround times are typically a little longer. If you have smaller print runs but require first class clarity of play and print finish then we can also run this as a replication project however – you will incur a one off glass mastering cost. That said, if you are confident that you may do re-runs in the future of the same job – this option may well be worth considering.

So how does replication work exactly?

Replication is essentially when we build a pristine and perfect disc from your raw data and create what we call a “glass master”. This is made inside a special piece of kit and means that we can run off large volumes from that master and get consistently perfectly pressed copies of that master. If you need to do a re-run of that same disc – no problem! We store the master and can make additional runs as and when you need them.

Duplication: typically used for smaller volumes of 500 or less. These shorter volume runs can be manufactured courtesy of our in-house, state-of-the-art duplication suite managed by our dedicated team of professional operators. The finish is also superb and turnaround times tend to be shorter. We, like all industries, have peak season periods when we’ re flat out with work and the machines are all fully booked – so please give us as much notice as possible!

And how does duplication work?

The duplication process works by taking a pre-produced piece of media such as data files, CDR or DVDR and burning the information from your pre-supplied master copy onto blank media discs using a laser. This copying service is perfect for smaller projects when you might have a fast turnaround time or you just have a more modest requirement but you still need to get a project finished and out on time. The beauty of duplication is that you can do small ad-hoc run ons of past projects as and when you need them and you don’t have to worry about storing excess or left over copies. If you are doing small runs duplication is the perfect professional solution to your needs.

If you need help with determining what will work best for your project, please contact us and we’ll guide you through your project specification!

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