Nov 03 2014

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Super Fish Pro

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YOU ARE THE SUPER FISH! Swim, swim, swim and eat, eat, eat!

In a world dominated by angry birds and super turbo action pigs comes a fishy tale. You are in control of the Super Fish and need to guide him to find food for himself in its beautiful marine environment; eat fish to get scores.

But be aware, not all fish are tasty - the spiky ones are to be avoided, or they slowly poison you. Avoid the starfish!

Use your device accelerometer to move Super Fish. You can set different positions depending on your current position.

How To Play:
1. Tilt your device to move Super Fish
2. Eat other fish to get scores
3. Avoid the starfish!
4. Keep Super Fish alive as long as possible
5. Try to beat your own high score

WARNING! VERY ADDICTIVE - Good luck and have fun!

Fun game for all ages. Try it alone or with friends, who gets the highest score?

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App Details:

  • Version 2.0
  • Released on November 3, 2014
  • File Size: 14 MB
  • Age Rating: 4+
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